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Admissions Redesign

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admissions page design in colorful blocks

Homepage Block Template

The Admissions homepage now uses our standard "blocks" design to allow students to choose their audience. Upon visiting the website, the user is asked to choose an audience (pre-collegiate, undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, or any subset within these audiences). While you are not required to choose an audience, the site caters to the user when they do choose. The filters can easily be removed by clicking the "x" next to the audience title near the top of the page.

No more fumbling through 15 paragraphs of unnecessary information!

If "undergraduate" is chosen, the user will only see undergraduate information. This also benefits our international, transfer, or precollegiate audiences by only showing the user what is necessary rather than confusing them with information meant for other audiences.

Seamless Integration

The Admissions site hyperlinks will also change depending on the audience. For example, graduate and undergraduate students currently fill out different applications, and that change is seamlessly handled with this template. So seamless, you won't even notice it!

Landing Page Design

The redesign features a new landing page design that has a fresh look and a lot more content tailored specifically for you. Find information about upcoming Admissions events, how to apply, videos, and all the important navigation links right where you need them. 

Icon Navigation

Instead of the standard left navigation, the new Admissions website has a colorful top navigation bar with icons for each section. This navigation bar follows through the entire website.

Custom Block Area Per Audience

The New Admissions website allows blocks to be set "per audience". This means that within the CMS, each audience has a page where blocks are added to target each of our standard Admissions audiences:

  • Undecided
  • Undergraduate
  • Undergraduate Transfer
  • Undergraduate International
  • Graduate
  • Graduate International
  • Doctoral
  • Precollegiate

These blocks appear at the bottom of every page visited when a site visitor has that particular audience selected.

Lots of [Alumni, Ambassador, Counselor] Profiles!

The new redesign features profiles galore! We are pulling content for Student Ambassadors, Alumni Success stories, and event Counselor profiles on most pages to give the site a more rich and personal feel. 

Find Your Counselor Easily

Counselor searches are tailored to each audience as well. While precollegiate and doctoral students have the same contacts for all students, undergraduate counselors are determined by state (and sometimes county), while graduate counselors are determined by department of study.