Marywood Homepage

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Marywood Homepage

Marywood University recently underwent a redesign to make the page more user-centered and visually dynamic. The focus of the homepage redesign was to make a strong visual impact with professional photography, and to use the large feature area to draw attention to important news and events on campus.

In addition, the large feature area would also guide users deeper into the website, allowing the web development team to bring attention to the vast amount of creative, interesting, and dynamic information that could be found within the department pages.

The goal for the news and events section (the stories at the bottom of the homepage) was to increase the click-through rate on news stories, and to create more visual impact and presence for the stories. Instead of pulling in feeds from the Calendar and the News page, the homepage stories would be hand-picked. Goals were to create visually interesting photos, shorten the headlines, and create a sentence or two description for each event. 

In addition to redesigning the homepage, our goal was to make the news releases and calendar event pages more content-rich, so the homepage would lead visitors to just as visually interesting and informative information.

  • Images that “pop” out of the frame, creating an energetic, 3-D effect that draw visitors deeper within the site.
  • Archive of the previous 4 homepage stories using circular buttons.
  • Room for up to 9 news stories that can be cycled through using an arrow button.
  • An accordion style information bar to house announcements, news & events.
  • Social Media Links

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