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marywood department comm arts footer

We began this project to provide our users with consistent department contact information throughout the site and to synchronize this information in other places on the site. The same contact information in the department footer is being used now to generate the Department/Office Directory and to provide contact information in our new Virtual Tour and in other areas of the site. If a department enters social media links in their footer entry, they are automatically synched with our Social Media Directory.  

The footer has three parts, and each entry in our database is permissioned individually so that the respective department has the ability to update their information as needed.

Department Contact Information

The first part, standard for all departments, contains the department name and location on one line with phone numbers and website e-mail contact on the next line.  This information is also used in our Office/Department Directory and Virtual Tour (where applicable).

Footer Line 2

Any information you want to add to your footer after the standard information should be added in the optional WSYWYG field labeled Footer Line 2. The information in this box will be automatically centered under the first two lines.

Social Media

At the bottom of the footer form, we have optional fields for any social media links you may have as well. When you add or edit these, besides placing the appropriate social media icons in your footer, those same links will appear in our Social Media Directory.

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