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Here you'll find explanations and screenshots of some of our team's work on department webpages. It's nice to see what other departments are doing with their pages, and we encourage you to use to the showcase to get some ideas for your own site. If you have any ideas you'd like to implement on your own site, please contact any member of the Web Team and we can help you get started!

Marywood Staff Directory

This AJAX-based search allows you to get directory results instantly, without having to type a full name or hit a "search" button. It can also search across phone extensions, office locations, departments, and more.

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The Commencement homepage features a 100% width and height background image that floats behind the text. The background is also randomly generated, so each time you refresh the page, you may see a different one.

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News & Announcements

The news page now has search and paging features, along with social media integration.

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Business Department

The Business department features a uniquely placed homepage navigation, and a rotating JQuery slideshow that dynamically pulls content from a backend content structure.

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Target Audience Engagement Features

These target audience engagement features dynamically and randomly pull content that is relevant to both current and prospective students. These features are easily implemented on any department website in a fashion that would best engage their audience and are a great way to keep students on your website.

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