Here you'll find explanations and screenshots of some of our team's work on department webpages. It's nice to see what other departments are doing with their pages, and we encourage you to use to the showcase to get some ideas for your own site. If you have any ideas you'd like to implement on your own site, please contact any member of the Web Team and we can help you get started!

Music, Theatre, Dance

The Music Theatre Dance homepage features many of their performances and events, and all of the contents can be controlled using separate entries for each event. Lots of custom features give them great control and endless options.

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SquirrelTour: Interactive Virtual Map

Join the ranks of General Nutters McWalnut's aboreal army as Archie McMarywood to see what it's really like to be a Marywood Squirrel. In this video game that doubles as a virtual map, website visitors learn about the campus as they perform tasks-- as a squirrel-- that are designed to "show" them around Marywood's campus.

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Student Landing Page Redesign

The student landing page has gone from a page full of links to a beautiful, extremely useful and timely page chalked full of cutting-edge features!

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Campus Ministry

A new homepage design, integrated announcements, and a google calendar display are part of Campus Ministry's redesign!

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Month of Thanks

The Month of Thanks was a November feature allowing students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends to submit notes of thanks. The notes were searchable, could be filtered, and administrators could "feature" their favorite messages.

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