Here you'll find explanations and screenshots of some of our team's work on department webpages. It's nice to see what other departments are doing with their pages, and we encourage you to use to the showcase to get some ideas for your own site. If you have any ideas you'd like to implement on your own site, please contact any member of the Web Team and we can help you get started!

Campus Tour

The virtual tour features full screen photos of over 150 locations on campus, and highlights the best.

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Interactive Google Map

This interactive campus map uses a google map overlay to feature over 150 locations in over 10 categories. Each location displays a short description and connects to a virtual tour of campus.

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Homepage Content Connected to Linked Page

Create visual consistency on all of the pages of your website! Any content added to the homepage as a page link can display the same content or picture on the linked page.

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Science Department

The new science department website features a fully customizable periodic table menu, spotlights, equipment pages, and a "related items" feature that connects faculty, spotlights, and equipment to one another.

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Student Activities Event Posters

The new Student Activities website uses our "blocks" layout and also has a custom event board that announces their upcoming SAC events in a unique way!

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