Here you'll find explanations and screenshots of some of our team's work on department webpages. It's nice to see what other departments are doing with their pages, and we encourage you to use to the showcase to get some ideas for your own site. If you have any ideas you'd like to implement on your own site, please contact any member of the Web Team and we can help you get started!

Standard Department Footers

The standard department footers now sync with our department office directory, social media directory, and Virtual Tour so that one directory entry maintained by our content editors updates across our website.

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Admissions Redesign

The Admissions website has been redesigned in a modified block template with a custom navigation with lots of new features.

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Landing Page "Blocks" Template Design

The blocks template is a unique page template that allows you to easily change the style of your page with a few simple clicks. Instead of the entire page being designed as a whole unit, your information is chunked into individual blocks of content that can be moved to create new layouts.

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Programs of Study

Search for majors, minors, and programs in multiple different ways with this new programs of study interface.

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Campus Tour

The virtual tour features full screen photos of over 150 locations on campus, and highlights the best.

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