Token Words

When adding new content to your page, use a token word to make it department-specific. That way, if you accidentally delete it you'll have an easier time recovering it. Make sure you use the same token for all of your content pieces.

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We've all been there. A new academic year means having to update the forms on your website. This process can be a hassle sometimes. You have to remember where you stored the form, where you linked to the form (often times this can be in many locations), and you have to make all of those changes to your website. Most of the time it's just to update the form to reflect the new calendar year (i.e. 2015 to 2016).

This page was updated on 7/14/15

Updating PDFs and other files

Using the CMS, it's very easy to update your PDFs and other files everywhere. Simply follow these steps while logged into the CMS:

  • Navigate to the PDF (or Word Document or image) you want to update. Usually it will be in a docs folder.
  • Double-click on the name of the PDF to bring up the Add/Edit Assets box.
  • Click the “x Remove” button. (This step will only appear for files uploaded after the June 2015 update).
  • Click the Choose File button right next to “Upload New File.”  This will allow you to browse your computer to find the new, updated PDF.
  • Hit the Save/Publish button to update your PDF.

A Few Helpful Hints:

You can now revert back to an old PDF using the "History" tab

PDF's post-upgrade now have a history tab, so if you accidentally overwrite your pdf, double-click on it and go to the history tab. To get back your old PDF, click the "Bring Back" text next to the old PDF.

Overwrite any file format with any file format

In the old system you had to overwrite a PDF with a PDF. Now you don't need to stick with the same file type. Overwrite a Word Document with a PDF if you'd like to (we recommend all your files be PDF's if possible)

Change your file name upon uploading

The new system will update your file name as well. This is great for keeping track of what handbook version you are on. Remember that when students download your files that they will see the name of the file, so let's make it something easy to read!

Be savvy about whats inside of your document to avoid having to update it in the first place!

Are there dates at the top your form? Do they need to be there? If you are just putting the year for no reason, then, every year or semester are causing yourself grief to update it, maybe you should remove the date altogether. Then you only have to update the form when there is an actual change to it.