Resizing Images on a Mac

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Resizing Images Using a Mac

OSX Image Resizer performs one simple task in a fast and easy to use way; resizing a large number of images quickly on your computer. The software allows you to resize a collection of images (from 10 to 10,000+) so that they are all resized to a specific width or height while maintaining their original aspect ratio.

OSX Image Resizer will open the following file formats; JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, TGA. The current version saves files in the following formats; JPEG or PNG-24. Saving your files as JPEGs allows you to resize your photo collection for archiving or emailing to family.

  1. Download OSX Image Resizer and follow the prompts to install the program.

  2. The first screen allows you to choose your "resize settings" such as width and height. At the bottom of the screen you can click on Add File/Folder in order to select the images you'd like to resize.
    resize settings

  3. The second tab is called "Output Files" and allows you to choose the folder location on your computer (the Directory) as well as several options for renaming your photos.
    output files

  4. The JPEG and PNG-24 tabs allow you to select the file type you'd like the resized images to output as. If you are using this tool to resize the images for the web, we recommend using the JPEG setting. Choose a compression level around 75 and click the button Resize Images to JPEGs. A lower compression level will make the file size smaller, but will also result in a lower quality output.
    output file type

  5. The next step is to navigate to the folder on your Mac that you choose in step 3. These images are resized and ready for you to upload to your website.