What You'll Need

Before you get started, you'll need to open Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Microsoft Picture Manager is installed with all Office Suites and can be used on individual images.

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Resizing Images Using Microsoft Office Picture Manager

After you have opened MS Office picture manager and selected the photo you want to work with, follow this guide to resize your picture. Need instructions for opening Microsoft Picture Manager?

On the Formatting toolbar, click Edit Pictures.

edit pictures

In the Edit Pictures, click Resize.

click resize

Select the options you want.

select options

By clicking "Predefined width x height" you'll be able to select options specifically for web viewing.

Choose a large or small web size. Remember that 100 pixels = approximately 1 inch on your computer monitor.


NOTE:You can undo an edit by clicking the corresponding Undo command on the Edit menu. Edits will not be saved until you save them. You can save your changes either immediately after editing the picture or at any time before closing Microsoft Office Picture Manager.