Photo Gallery (macro)

This allows you to create a photo gallery out of all photos uploaded to a single folder on your site. Images will display as thumbnails and when clicked will enlarge in a lightbox.

 For example, to make a photo gallery of Marywood Buildings, put all photos in a folder called "marywood_buildings" and they will appear on the page as thumbnails that will enlarge using a lightbox. Choose features such as thumbnail width & height, showing photo titles, or including subgalleries on the page.

To change the descriptions seen in the lightbox, navigate within the system to the folder that the images were uploaded in. Double-click on the image you'd like to update, and change the description. Hit Save & Publish and your new description will show up.

Copy This Code

##call the source file
#set(/global/velocity/gallery.vtl = "/global/velocity/gallery.vtl")

##choose your options
#set($showSubgalleryTitle = false) 
#set($showPhotoTitle = false) 

##Pick the folder that has the pictures.

## make sure you clear afterwards or 
## following content may mash up.
<div style="clear:both;"></div>

Photo Gallery (macro) Looks Like This:

See it in action on a Marywood Department site!