Photo Gallery

This photo gallery displays all your thumbnails in squares for a nice, neat presentation!

To create this gallery:

  • On the page you want the photo gallery, click the "Add Content" button, and select "Reuse Content".
  • In the "Title" box, type "#artgallery" and hit the search search button
  • Choose "#artgallery Photo Gallery *OFFICIAL*" from the list
  • Once you've chosen the script, leave that piece of content alone on the page. Create a new content block to insert your photo gallery by clicking the "Add Content button, and selecting "New Content".
  • Paste the code from below into the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Change /art/images/illustration/ to the folder where you saved your images.

*Troubleshoot* If you are having problems, make sure that the artgallery code that you re-used is positioned ABOVE your photo gallery on the page.

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Photo Gallery Looks Like This:

See it in action on a Marywood Department site!