File Repository

Use this code to display documents, such as PDFs, within a folder on your website as a nicely formatted list. This is useful if you plan to add additional documents to the page, or as an archive of newsletters, minutes, etc.

Simply upload new documents to the folder that the rest are in, and they will automatically be added to the file repository on your page.

To change the titles of the documents you'll need to go to the folder where you uploaded the document, double-click on the name, and type in a more friendly name in the Description field. The description field will display on your page in the file repository.

Copy This Code

##Calls the file that styles the file repository.
##You don't need to change this.
#set($fileRepositorySourceCode = '/global/velocity/file_repository.vtl')

##Change path to location of your uploaded docs.

File Repository Looks Like This:

.pdf file fac-planning.pdf 150 kb .pdf
pdf file Student Academic Planning 307 kb .pdf
pdf file FacultyPortal 327 kb .pdf
pdf file studentportal 356 kb .pdf
pdf file pacerpoints 171 kb .pdf
pdf file goprintweb 211 kb .pdf
pdf file Excel-Basics 335 kb .pdf
See it in action on a Marywood Department site!