Photo Gallery (widget)

This widget creates a photo gallery (just like the macro version) without having to write, copy, or manipulate any code at all!
  • Simply click on "Add Content" on your page, then select "Add Widget."
  • Select Photo gallery as the type, then on the right side of the pop-up click the Create New PhotoGallery button.
  • Fill out the form options. The first 2 fields are required
  • Click Save & Publish
  • Your photo gallery will then appear on your page

To change the descriptions seen in the lightbox, navigate within the system to the folder that the images were uploaded in. Double-click on the image you'd like to update, and change the description. Hit Save & Publish and your new description will show up.

Photo Gallery (widget) Looks Like This:

See it in action on a Marywood Department site!