Marywood uses the font Verdana as the standard for the website. Alternative fonts or styles other than those listed below are not permitted.

Paragraph text: Gray (Hex #696969) Verdana, regular weight. Heading styles are as follows:

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5


Learn how to create these styles and more on our text formatting page.

FieldsetThis is an example of a "fieldset" style. This is styled with HTML tags surrounding the text that you want to appear within the fieldset. The tags are: <fieldset> and </fieldset>. The text that appears in the green box is controlled by the "legend" html tags: <legend> and </legend>. The legend tags must be within the fieldset tags.

Times New Roman is Marywood's official non-web typeface. It is not to be used on your department website.

Bembo and Agenda are also official non-web typefaces used extensively in Marywood marketing materials. Since these are not standard fonts they should not be used on your department website.

Official Colors

Primary Colors

PMS 357Web Hex Value: #015A20

PMS 130Web Hex Value: #FBA81A

Secondary Colors

Our secondary colors complement our primary colors. They should be used in conjunction with our primary colors, never alone.

PMS 2945 Web Hex Value: #0064A2

PMS 216Web Hex Value: #850736

PMS 266Web Hex Value: #5A4099

PMS 379Web Hex Value: #D5E15B