Update Your PDFs & Other Files

Did you know that it's easy to overwrite your old PDF with the newly updated version? That way you don't have a bunch of outdated versions in your folder, and all of your links will automatically update.

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My photo or file works when I am logged into the system, but when I look at my live site, it's not there or the link is broken. What happened?

Sometimes when you upload a word document, PDF, or an image, the file is only saved and not published. When that happens you are able to view everything correctly within the system, but not on the live site. While you are logged in, locate the file that doesn't seem to be working or linking, right-click on it and selected "Publish" - the yellow circle should change to a green one, and your content will be live.

I've made changes to a page on my site, but when I go to the live site, they aren't showing up. Help!!

times, a page is cached within your browser. This means that it's pulling up an older version of your page. You can clear your cache to fix this. If it's still not working, while you are logged into the system, right-click on the page and select "Publish". This will force all of the changes to go live. If your page is STILL not visible to the outside, even though it is published, you may need to publish the folder.

I accidentally hit the red X next to a piece of content. Now it's gone. Can you restore it for me?

The answer is yes and no. If you accidentally hit the red X, the content is not deleted from the system, only from your page. In order to restore the content, you'll need to click "Add Content" while on one of your HTML pages, then click "Reuse Content". A search box will pop up where you can type in part of the contentlet's title. If you don't remember the title, it will be very difficult to find. Not only your page content is in this, but every other piece of content that is on the Marywood website. Thousands and thousands of pieces of content.

This is why we always recommend using a "token" word at the beginning of your title. For example, every piece of content within this web team site is prefaced with the token "webteam". Student Activities & Leadership Development uses the token "SALD" and Dean of Students uses "DOS". It's up to you what you'd like to use for your token, but you should:

  1. be consistent, and always use the same token
  2. clearly define what each piece of content is

If you do this, you'll always be able to restore your content easily and quickly. Another tip: if you've recently edited the piece of content you just accidentally deleted, you may be able to find it even more quickly. When you click "Add Content" then "Reuse Content" leave the search box empty, and simply hit the search button. The search results will bring up all of Marywood's content in order of most recently edited. You should be able to find your deleted content on the first page.

My page has a "Do Not Edit" message when I log in. What do I do?

The first step is to read the message and find out what it says. If it says to contact Web Development, please contact us to make your change. Most of these messages are there to tell you not to edit the contentlet. That does not mean you cannot make changes to the page! Most of the time the message is there because the content on that page is pulling from a database, so you simply need to edit the "entry" not the whole contentlet. Do this by clicking the edit button next to the piece you want to change.