Token Words

When adding new content to your page, use a token word to make it department-specific. That way, if you accidentally delete it you'll have an easier time recovering it. Make sure you use the same token for all of your content pieces.

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guidelinesInstitutional web pages are those maintained by an official unit of Marywood University. These include various areas of the University and student organizations.

Beginning in September, 2008, institutional web sites that are hosted on the main Marywood University server have been moving into a content management system (CMS).  The CMS provides templates and stylesheets to maintain a consistency of user experience for institutional sites.  Any institutional sites that are not hosted on the main server are expected to adopt templates consistent with those used in the CMS.

Elements that must appear in the footer of all institutional pages:

  1. E-mail address of the web content editor.
    It is expected that the maintainer of the site will check and respond appropriately to any e-mail messages received. This mail should be checked daily.

  2. Office Location.
    This includes the building and office number (ex: Immaculata, 90)

  3. Office Phone number.
    All pages should include a phone number (either direct or an extension) to the department.