Clear Formatting

Simples text editors can clear all formatting. Remove all formatting from your content: copy your content from the CMS editor to Notepad (Windows) or TextEditor (Mac). Paste it back into the CMS editor. All spaces, headers, etc. will be removed. 

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Updates from the Web Team

  • CMS Training: Contact to be added to the list for our next training. Trainings are announced via email through MWADMIN.
  • If you are interested in becoming a content editor, you are required to take our training course. You may also need your supervisor's permission. Current content editors can also attend our trainings to stay up to date with our changes. Contact Sr. Kathleen at or call the office at x2340 if you are interested in attending a future session.
  • Online Forms: Report a Problem or have your form converted to a Google Form, please fill out this form.

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