Sociology/Comprehensive Social Sciences

Bachelor of Arts - BA

  • Participate effectively in discussion 
  • Professional option in Sociology 
  • Learn interpretations of social sciences

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The student who majors in Sociology/Comprehensive Social Sciences will:

  • Acquire knowledge of major interpretations of the social sciences
  • Engage in the specific modes of inquiry of the social sciences and pursue purposeful, honest and effective research
  • Participate effectively in discussion, exercising respect and critical thinking in analyzing opinions and tentativeness in formulating opinions and conclusions
  • Respond actively and effectively to the challenges of contemporary society, relating the study of social sciences to current affairs
  • Empathize with human emotions and values and understand the cultural characteristics and accomplishments of diverse ethnic and religious groups, recognizing and appraising the values implicit in their specific orientation.

More About This Degree

Competency in the range of social science fields provides the individual with a background for graduate study and/or a variety of careers in contemporary society. Professional options in General and Sociology prepare the student for public service and teaching careers.

Some of our alumni:

  • Jacqueline Conforti-Barnett, JD, is a contract attorney for the entire State University System of Pennsylvania.
  • Kathryn Lynott has served for many years as a trainer throughout the nation in the Federal Probation System.
  • Sarah Hopkins interned at the Williamsburg Foundation while pursuing her Master’s degree at William and Mary College.
  • Michael Jones, Sean Castellani, and Erica Briggs are among the dozens of students enjoying productive and interesting lives teaching secondary social studies throughout the East Coast.

Undergraduate Admissions Requirements

  • Official SAT and/or ACT scores
  • Completed application
  • Essay
  • Official transcripts
  • Letter of recommendation

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