Musical Theatre

Bachelor of Arts - BA

  • Prepare for a career in musical theatre/drama
  • Intro to technical facilities, effective performance & competencies
  • Appear in a public performances, audition for dance & musical productions

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Theatre and music as a combined form have a history that extends to the time of Thespis and the dithyrambs of ancient Greece. Encompassing the world of musical theatre and our responsible living in an interdependent world, the program in Performing Arts forms an intrinsic parallel to the Undergraduate School curricular purpose regarding the human condition.

Combining music and theatre, the program consists of these objectives:

  • Introducing the student to the technical facilities of musical theatre;
  • Familiarizing the student with the separate as well as the combined standards for effective theatrical and musical performance;
  • Developing student competencies in musical theatre performance.

Auditions in music, acting, and dance are required for evaluation, advisement, and admission into the major. A Musical Theatre major must appear in a public musical performance each year at Marywood and is required to audition for all dance and musical theatre productions.

More About This Degree

Rick Hoffenberg, D.M.A.
MTD Department Co-Chair, Associate professor of choral conducting

Jennifer Griffith Cowgill, D.M.
Associate professor of voice

F. David Romines, D.M.A.
MTD Department Co-Chair, Assistant professor of music education

Anita L. Gadberry, Ph.D., MT-BC
Assistant professor of music therapy
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MARYWOOD THEATRE: 1100-seat, professionally equipped auditorium with sophisticated lighting control system; supports the production of classical, contemporary, musical, and children�s theatre.
BLACK BOX THEATRE: Laboratory theatre with flexible staging; designed for student directed productions and to support experimental theatre.
MULTIMEDIA THEATRE: Audio-video facility for public presentations involving cinema, slides, audio and video recordings, and computer-based media.

Completion of this program prepares the student for professional work in music and/or drama, as well as further graduate study.

Undergraduate Admissions Requirements

  • Official SAT and/or ACT scores
  • Completed application
  • Essay
  • Official transcripts
  • Letter of recommendation

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B.A. in Musical Theatre

Combining competencies in both music and theatre, the Bachelor of Arts emphasis in Musical Theatre program provides opportunities for students to develop skills and competencies in both the artistic and technical production of musical theatre. Admission to this program requires an audition (with music, theatre, and dance components). 

Completion of this program prepares the student for professional work in musical theatre, as well as for further graduate study. This program has received final approval for listing in the NASM Directory.

Music courses — a total of 33 credits

MUSC 111 A, B Written Theory I
MUSC 112 A, B Aural Skills I
MUSC 115 A Conducting I
MUSC 120 A, B Fundamentals of Vocal Techniques
MUSC 127 A or B
Class Piano
MUSC 224 A or B Audition Workshop  2
MUSC 319 A, B Musical Theatre Repertoire
MUSC 322 History of Music I
MUSC 323 History of Music II
MUSC varies Applied Major
MUSC varies Vocal Ensemble
MUSC varies Elective

Theatre courses — a total of 29 credits

THEA 113 Introduction to the Theatre
THEA 230B Practicum
THEA 241 Fundamentals of Acting
THEA 242 Advanced Acting
THEA 244A,B,C,D Audition Workshop
THEA 247A Stage Management
THEA 330B Practicum
THEA 341 Theatre History
THEA 342A Tragedy in Dramatic Literature
THEA 342B Comedy in Dramatic Literature
THEA 347 Fundamentals of Directing
THEA 404 Theatre as a Business
THEA 451 Capstone Project: Musical theatre Showcase

Dance courses — a total of 15 credits

DANC 140 Fundamentals of Dance/Movement
DANC 141 Body Awareness
DANC 142 Fundamentals of Improvisation/Choreography
*DANC varies Dance Technique 6

*Six credits of dance technique required. Courses are offered in ballet, jazz, modern dance, tap, musical theatre, and special topics.

Additional Requirements

A musical theatre major must appear in public musical performances each year at Marywood and is required to audition for all dance and musical theatre productions. In addition, a musical theatre major must attend all master classes and workshops offered in dance.

The musical theatre major will be evaluated or juried each year in music, theatre and dance to make recommendations for further study.