Art Education

Bachelor of Arts - BA

  • Studio art, art history, aesthetics, and art criticism
  • Education courses & field observation begin first year
  • Teach model lessons, prepare unit plans, and more

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The undergraduate program in Art Education leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree which may include public K-12 certification. Sixty credits in art supplement a strong liberal arts curriculum and education core. Competency in basic studio skills is emphasized through courses in design and studio fundamentals where theoretical and practical applications are made.

Provided with a background in art history from prehistoric to contemporary, students relate their understanding of artistic styles and principles to all major visual arts. Social, economic and cultural influences are also interrelated with the visual arts.

Because the future teacher must also develop competencies in professional instruction, education courses and field observation begin in the foundation year and continue throughout the course of study. The study of developmental and educational psychology provides students with required understanding of the cognitive and affective development of the child. Students are provided the opportunity to teach model lessons, to prepare unit plans, to research materials and to evaluate their own abilities. Art Education students complete a pre-professional phase of observation of grades K-12 for 100 hours, prior to their experience in student teaching. For certification, each Art Education major is assigned as a student teacher for one semester (12 credits), usually in two placements representative of the content and levels of the certification involved.

More About This Degree

Ann Maria Castelgrande, Instructor, Master of Arts in Studio Art, 1976; extensive workshops for K-12 certified teachers for PAEA.

The Art Education Studio is a spacious well-lighted room in the Insalaco Center for the Studio Arts. Its cupboards are filled with media and materials essential to the Art Ed programs. Twenty-four large drawing tables and ample storage space make it an ideal studio for prospective art teachers.

Adjoining the Art Ed Studio is a large Art Curriculum Lab. Research materials on the history of art education, current and past art ed research journals, NAEA publications, videos, and curricula are housed here.

The curricular goal of the Art Education Program is the development of future teachers competent in studio art, art history, aesthetics and art criticism. The student's ability to assess the relationships of the arts to human experience and to transmit this awareness within the educational milieu will contribute to the awakening of a world vision. Within the Department of Art at Marywood, the Bachelor of Arts Program in Art Education leads to K-12 certification for those individuals interested in teaching specifically in the public schools.

Undergraduate Admissions Requirements

  • Official SAT and/or ACT scores
  • Completed application
  • Essay
  • Official transcripts
  • Letter of recommendation

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