Detail: Priorities

Center for Architectural Studies

In some cases, where students learn can be as important as what they learn. Where can be a modern urban center or a historic city like Florence. Or it can be a building so innovative in its design that it becomes a partner in the educational experience. Such is the case with Marywood’s Center for Architectural Studies, which houses the School of Architecture and its growing cadre of ambitious, creative problem solvers. It is a testament to Marywood's commitment to sustainability:

  • Green roof
  • Rainwater collection system
  • 83% recycled or reused materials
  • Daylight-harvesting windows

Invest in an innovative concept that has already surpassed our highest expectations.

Naming Opportunities




$5,000,000 School of Architecture Open
$3,000,000 Center for Architectural Studies Open
$250,000 Design Studios Open
$250,000 Student Commons Open
$250,000 Design/Print Studio Open
$150,000 CAD Lab Open
$150,000 Green Roof Open
$100,000 Digital Fabrication Lab Open
$100,000 Wood Shop Open
$50,000 Metal Shop Open
$50,000 Class Room Open
$50,000 Conference Room Open
$50,000 Faculty Lounge Open
$25,000 Spray Booth Open
$25,000 Faculty Offices Open
$10,000 Student Work Space Open

Architectural Lecture Series - 4 Lectures Per Year




$10,000/year Annual Named Lecture Series Open
$50,000 Endowed Lecture Series (endowed over 5 years) Open