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When you contribute to scholarships, you are opening doors of opportunity for students, many of whom would not be able to attend college without your support. You can make a gift of any size to the Marywood Scholarship Fund to help students realize their dreams and their potential.

Or you can establish a named scholarship to honor a family member, friend, colleague, or other person who has had a major impact on your life.

Annual Scholarship

An annual scholarship provides funding to a Marywood student. To establish an annual scholarship fund, we ask for a minimum commitment of $2,000 annually for 5 years. Unlike an endowed scholarship, an annual scholarship is not a permanent fund.

Endowed Scholarship

An endowed scholarship establishes a fund that will give deserving students the opportunity of a Marywood education. The minimum gift to endow a scholarship fund is $50,000, which can be contributed over 5 years. The principal of the fund is invested to produce income and a portion is awarded to one or more students. The principal remains untouched, so the endowment remains in perpetuity.