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Noah Schock '22

Noah Schock '22

Noah Schock ’22 describes himself as a reserved guy. But, if you were to look at his list of activities and leadership positions, you’d find that hard to believe.

Schock said that Marywood has helped him to take on new challenges.

“The greatest lesson I have learned at Marywood is that if you want to do something, just do it. So many times I have been afraid or nervous to put myself out there and try things but at Marywood everyone is so supportive that when I have tried new things, they’ve turned out to be some of the best choices of my life.”

Schock, a rising senior, is an environmental science major at Marywood, but it’s more appropriate to define Schock by a couple of those “best choices” than by his major.

A record-breaking student-athlete and recipient of the Athletic Leadership Award, Schock is a cross country and track and field athlete in addition to being the 2021 new student orientation co-chair.

It would probably be easier to ask Schock to list the events he doesn’t participate in on the track. He runs the 60m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 4x100m, 4x200m, 4x400m, sprint medley, and distance medley relays. And for a new challenge, he’s just started long jump.

Schock’s dedication to his sport paid off in a big way this past season when he was part of multiple record-breaking efforts.

“We broke both the 4x1 and 4x4 record. It’s... super exciting. The guys that I was able to do it with are some of my best friends on the team. It’s been nothing but excitement and happiness,” said Schock.

If that feat isn’t impressive enough, Schock had never run the 400 until arriving at Marywood and now owns part of the 4x4 record.

Schock said while the school records weren’t an expectation coming into college, now that he has them he’s determined to best even those performances.

“I never expected to break any records coming in. Now, here I am going into my senior year, and I have two on the books; that gives me hope that maybe I can get a couple more in there - some individual events maybe.”

As is emblematic of a Marywood student-athlete, Schock is focused on his academics as much, if not more, than his athletics. So much so that when he arrived at Marywood he wasn’t planning to take part in a sport.

“I actually wasn’t going to do any sports at all. When I graduated high school, I told myself I wasn’t going to get involved in athletics when I got to college. I didn’t think I’d have time for it; I didn’t think it would be a fit for me in college.”

Schock quickly realized he was up to the challenge of being a student-athlete and is very grateful he reached that conclusion.

“It changed my whole college experience. I went from having some good friends on campus and hanging out in my dorm to (having) this entire team of friends. We’re all super close, everyone’s so friendly, and it’s our own little family on campus.”

Now in his “off-season,” Noah is co-chairing the new student orientation this year. The orientation team is another Noah counts himself thankful to be a part of. After some coaxing from friends, Noah applied to be an orientation leader (OL) a couple of years ago, and the rest is history.

“I was super hesitant (to apply) and (my friends) ended up convincing me to go out for the OL position. I applied, late actually, since I didn’t want to do it, and they convinced me. I did it, broke out of my shell a little bit, and had one of the most fun times ever.”

Fast forward to this year, and Schock found himself in a similar position with applying for the co-chair position.

“My co-chair Madi (Howell) was like ‘You should apply for the chair position, you’d be a good fit, just go for it.’” On the last day of applications, I was like ‘You know what? I’m gonna give it a shot; I think it will be really good. I applied, found out I got the position, so I accepted,” said Schock. 

Organizing an event of this size comes with its own set of hurdles in a normal year. The pandemic made things that much more complex with a redesign of the schedule becoming necessary. But, Schock finds the experience to be very rewarding and enjoyable.

“I’ve been working for a couple months, and it’s been one of the best choices I’ve decided to go with, and it’s just been nothing but fun and excitement and all this joy looking forward to it coming.”

With an eye to the future, Schock enters his senior year with mixed emotions.

“(Emotions) are a little all over the place. I can look forward to… starting a life on my own and seeing where that goes. But, it’s also sad because all my friends are here.”

Schock is very grateful for the donor support that helps to allow him to take advantage of these life-changing opportunities. He plans to pay it forward.

“When I am able I will give to Marywood because I can see now how it impacts the students, faculty, staff, and anyone involved with Marywood and would want to be a part of continuing that and helping any way I could.”

While Schock is less than a year from graduation, the Marywood community can take comfort in the fact that he plans to be a familiar face.

“I hope to keep a strong connection with Marywood and everyone I have met so far and everyone I will meet in the future. As a future Marywood Alumni I will be as active as I can with the Marywood community.”