Impact: How Your Gift Helps

Karsyn Moore '21

Karsyn Moore '21

Karsyn Moore is designing a legacy at Marywood fitting for an interior architecture and art history major.

Karsyn had a love for Marywood the second she stepped on campus - a sentiment shared by several Pacers both past and present.

“Marywood was the only college I ended up applying to because of the community aspect; I felt like I was home as soon as I stepped on campus,” said Karsyn.

Although she enjoyed the community aspect of Marywood from the start, Karsyn was determined to forge a unique legacy. She understood the Marywood community is stronger together, but also understood each student’s individualism is what made that community thrive. Karsyn, a rising senior, has already left her mark on Marywood during her time as an undergraduate student.

Karsyn is a very active figure on campus. She is involved with Student Government, New Student Orientation as an Orientation Leader, Student Admissions, Zeta Phi Delta, architecture clubs like IIDA, Women in Architecture, and NOMAS, and Student Alumni Association. Karsyn co-founded Sketch Club and was the Marketing/Social Coordinator before leaving to study abroad prior to the pandemic in Spring 2020. These activities led to Karsyn being nominated for the People’s Choice and Pacer Pride Annual Leadership Awards.

Karsyn realizes she has had such a great and impactful college experience thanks in part to Marywood’s thousands of donors. 

“Donor support has allowed me to focus on my education and extra-curriculars while relieving the financial burden on my family and I. I was able to focus on enjoying my college experience rather than having to work full-time,” said Karsyn.

Now that she has left her mark on Marywood, Karsyn wants to leave her mark on the world.

After graduation, Karsyn would like to attend graduate school for art history and work towards a doctorate. She also has aspirations to take a bite out of the big apple.

“I would love to get my architecture license and begin working in New York City,” said Karsyn.

Karsyn says Marywood has prepared her to achieve all these goals and more.

“I have had a lot of opportunities to hold leadership positions and build close knit bonds throughout the Marywood community which I will definitely be using as I gear up to join the workforce.”

The Marywood community need not worry though. Karsyn says she plans on staying engaged with Marywood as an alumna.

“I plan on being an engaged alum and helping students as a mentor and with internships. Entering the job field after college can be a scary process and I want students to feel comfortable with the transition.”

Karsyn is set to graduate in 2021, but plans on doing a lot more at Marywood in her time remaining as an undergrad.