Impact: How Your Gift Helps

George Thompson '24

George Thompson '24

George Thompson ’24 knows a thing or two about clearing hurdles.

In college, like in any facet of life, one is presented with several hurdles to clear on the journey from the starting line to the finish line. Most students are faced with the intangible hurdles of a difficult assignment or class, but Thompson also faces very tangible hurdles as a hurdler for Marywood’s track and field team.

Excelling in the classroom and on the track, Thompson is not only clearing hurdles but doing so with flying colors.

“So far my greatest accomplishments here at Marywood would have to be making the Dean's List each semester and breaking three school records on the Marywood track and field team,” said Thompson.

Thompson, only a sophomore, is already very involved on Marywood’s campus. His activities include Student Alumni Association (SAA,) Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC,) New Student Orientation, and the Marywood track and field and cross country teams.

Thompson found the orientation experience to be particularly rewarding.

“My favorite memory thus far at Marywood would have to be the 2021 [New Student] Orientation which I was so lucky to help with. Seeing all the incoming freshmen excited to start a new chapter of their lives and being a part of it is quite an exhilarating feeling.”

Part of the reason Thompson was drawn to Marywood was the ability for a student to thrive both inside and outside the classroom.

“I chose Marywood for the education well as the athletic programs.”

One of the more exciting aspects of Thompson’s accomplishments is the fact that he has three years left at Marywood to achieve even more. While he’s looking forward to breaking more records, he’s most looking forward to a return to normalcy.

“This upcoming semester I am looking forward to a more "normal" school year with in-person classes and events, as well as seeing some people's faces for the first time,” said Thompson.

Although he may only have seen a portion of them in person, Thompson already feels the whole heart of the members of the Marywood community.

“My favorite thing about Marywood is the people. From the students to the faculty, everyone has the same goal, to help you succeed! Throughout my one year at Marywood, I already have made connections with people that I know that will last a lifetime.”

Another aspect that stood out to Thompson was the affordability and financial aid support offered to him. “I have received financial aid from Marywood; it allows me to learn and grow with peace of mind knowing that I am in good financial standings as I won’t be in as much debt as a typical college student in today's age.”

That peace of mind is something Thompson is thankful to our donors for. He says their support is a big reason why he has been able to accomplish what he has in just his freshman year.

“If I had the chance to thank the thousands of donors to Marywood I would do so by explaining how much better they make the college experience to each current Marywood student by allowing them to have the resources and amenities required for them to reach their highest academic potential.”

That generosity isn’t lost on George, and he wants to offer the same opportunities to the next generation of Pacers.

“Once I graduate and am in good financial standing to give back to Marywood I would do so ecstatically.  I want to give back to the college that has already given so much to me as I want to help students the same way current donors help me!”

Although he has at least three more years at Marywood, Thompson has an eye to the future as well with plans to become a math teacher and eventually an actuary. He finds inspiration to pursue this career in the ability to help others clear their hurdles as he has.

What inspired me to pursue an education major was to help others and particularly in the category of math because at a young age I struggled with the subject, and by going through that experience I can better relate to students that don't "click" with math and have patience with them in class.”

Thompson’s future looks bright, but for now, he’s going to continue clearing hurdles at Marywood.