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Course Detail for SW-940-01

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SW-940-01 Dvlpmntl/Physcl Dsblts Soc Wor (3 )
Hutchings, Barbara Lynn

Instruction Type: Online

This course examines the life course issues among people with developmental and physical disabilities, including the collaboration of families and community, and the role of social workers and other professionals. It also presents general issues related to service delivery systems, advocacy movements and social policy. The role and responsibility of social work professionals in shaping, delivering and evaluating support services will be considered. The impact of both the physical and social environment on the lives of people with physical disabilities, both lifelong and acquired through trauma, will be addressed. Additional Course Information: Specific areas of discussion will include: early intervention, education and transition services, vocational opportunities, supports for living in the community, and supports for aging with lifelong/trauma acquired disabilities, while considering the values and assumptions that underlie these interventions. Other topics will include: Medicaid, managed care, entitlements, special education provisions, and specific state and local resources available to people with disabilities and their families.

Restricted to MSW students only.


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