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SW-908-01 Women's Issues and the Practic (3 )
Dougherty, Lea M

Instruction Type: Online (Moodle) Lecture/Discussn

Women's Issues is an elective course that examines how we as social workers and other direct service professionals can develop a practice perspective that is most suited to building on the strengths and meeting the particular needs of clients who are women. Practical issues and the unique experiences of girls and women of all ages, races, classes, and other diversities will be discussed. Topics specific to women or with distinctive nuances for women such as reproductive rights, sexual assault and domestic violence, addiction for women, mental illness, physical health, wellness, illness, and aging will be examined in relation to social work practice. Students can expect to finish the class with a strong theoretical understanding of gender, women's development, and sexism, as well as having a foundation in the values, ethics, and skills needed to be effective practitioners with girls and women. The class will be hands-on, using interactive methodologies based on real case examples from a variety of social work and other practice settings. Guest speakers with direct practice experience working with women and a variety of teaching approaches will make this a very informative class.

Online class dates from May 18th to June 29th.


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