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Course Detail for SW-595-01

ID Name (credits) Time Instructor
SW-595-01 Fld Ed Exp III: Advanced Prac (3 )
Spelman, Deirdre

Instruction Type: Traditional

The emphasis of this courses is on enhancing the knowledge and skills learned in the foundation practica and developing advanced competence in work with individuals, families, small groups, communities and organizations. Students work within the political, social, and cultural context of the placement setting, utilizing strengths of these systems for affecting change. Based upon ecological assessment, students differentially select practice theories and intervene in a culturally competent, ethical manner with systems of various sizes. Issues of social economic justice are placed in both organizational and community contexts and addressed through policy or program development and evaluation. This is accomplished through sixteen hours per week of practicum experience under the supervision of an MSW practicum instructor.

Permission of the course instructor required. Field Experience III.


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