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Course Detail for SW-536-01

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SW-536-01 Social Work Practice With Chil (3 ) 6:30PM - 9:30PM
Rich, Karen

Instruction Type: Online

This course builds upon the basic skills, values and knowledge introduced in other areas of the curriculum and, particularly, in the human behavior and practice foundation courses. The course focuses on the application of theories, concepts and research to guide empirically based social work practice with children. The course is designed for students who have an interest in working directly with children, their caregivers and their families. Case materials illustrate the ethical and practice challenges in working with a variety of children including those who live in out-of-home placements, in substance-disordered families, in families affected by illness and death, in nontraditional families, and who are victims and witnesses of family violence. The special circumstances surrounding children at risk as well as those with special needs and social/emotional issues are also addressed. A range of therapeutic approaches and modalities is presented, including individual, family, and group interventions, developmental and cognitive/behavioral play therapy as well as interdisciplinary collaborative and psycho-educational approaches. A strengths perspective is highlighted as an approach to intervention and attention is given to development of student self awareness around children's issues. SW-501 and SW-591

Restricted to MSW students only. Class meets May 17 to June 26, 2021.


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