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Course Detail for SLAS-6012-01

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SLAS-6012-01 Pre-Dissertation Seminar (3 )
Paciej-Woodruff, Amy

Instruction Type: Online

The seminar focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a research proposal. Protection of the rights of human subjects and other ethical concerns are addressed throughout this course. Students are introduced to multiple traditions of inquiry. Special emphasis is given to the development of knowledge and skills necessary to identify relevant and manageable research topics and questions. Various methodological issues are studied with emphasis on the fit between the research questions and research designs. The seminar is also a workshop on dissertation writing. It provides students with effective strategies in dissertation writing, including APA style, format, requirement, analytical and academic writing. The seminar also prepares the student to write a dissertation proposal.

Restricted: Permission of the Department Chairpe rson required.


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