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Course Detail for PA-602-01

ID Name (credits) Time Instructor
PA-602-01 Clinical Rotation 3 (4 ) 9:00AM - 5:00PM
M Tu W Th F
Davis, Abigail Patricia Samanas, Justine M

Instruction Type: Hybrid

Clinical Rotations are 5 week clinical courses that provide students with experience in inpatient and outpatient medicine in areas of Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Women's Health, Psychiatry, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and an elective chosen by the student. The student will elicit a medical history, perform a physical examination, initiate the proper evaluation through ordering and interpreting of appropriate diagnostic studies, and correlate with all findings to develop an appropriate differential diagnosis, final assessment and treatment plan.

Meets 5/26 to 8/14.


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