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Course Detail for BUS-583-01

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BUS-583-01 Retirement and Estate Planning (3 ) 5:30PM - 9:00PM
Tu Th
McDonald, Robert W

Instruction Type: Online

This course covers all the major retirement-related issues including plan design and flexibility, social security, and Medicare. Techniques for achieving various financial goals and structuring investment portfolios will be discussed. In addition, the course examines legal, financial, and practical considerations in the creation, management, and conservation of an estate. Various types of property interests (joint tenancy, tenancy in common, community property) are reviewed and the use of revocable and irrevocable trusts, gifts, powers of attorneys, retirement, and custodial accounts are discussed. The influence of federal estate and gift taxation and state taxation rules on estate planning techniques is examined. Ultimately, students will gain a thorough understanding of the process for developing a comprehensive financial plan.

Elective for Finance/Investments concentration tract.


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