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Course Detail for ARCH-100-01

ID Name (credits) Time Instructor
ARCH-100-01 Design Your Future (3 ) 10:30AM - 1:00PM
M Tu W Th F
Garrison, Stephen

Instruction Type: Online

Architecture and Interior Architecture combine the practical concerns of building with the artistic freedom of design. The Design your Future program at Marywood University offers high school students a significant first experience in architectural education. The program gives the students an opportunity to participate in the process of design and to develop the basic tools of imagination and expression.This course will be online, and synchronous sessions will include drawing and model making demonstrations, lectures, digital design software tutorials, reading discussions, discussions, student presentations, and student design project evaluations with guest critics. There is an organized activity for the students to participate in each evening, and two TA's available to assist students with daily assignments.

This course is for high school students who are interested in attending college for architecture. Course runs July 26th to August 6th.


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