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Course Detail for ARCH-399C-01

ID Name (credits) Time Instructor
ARCH-399C-01 S T: Farmitecture Design Build (3 ) 5:00PM - 8:00PM
Tu Th
O'Connor, Kate Ann

Instruction Type: Lecture/Discussion

This course is committed to engaging students in hands-on, full-scale construction of an architectural project. Offered for students between the second and fifth years, they will design and build a structure for rescued farm animals. Students will learn through a hands-on construction project, studio sessions, lectures, slide shows, site visits, and discussion. In the studio component, students are taught the design process starting with site analysis, programming, and design sketches, as well as through orthographic drawings and models. As students participate in an actual building project, they learn the safe use of common hand and power tools. This unique course of study provides hands-on exploration of earthen and natural elements and the means by which they can be used to create structures and shelter. Topics covered include site assessment, design theories, and an overview of construction techniques; environmentally responsible design and building practices are integrated into the aspect of the course. A consistent thread running through this work is the notion that the project should engage and serve the public good.

Restricted: Permission of the course instructor required.


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