How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you edit my paper?

The Writing Center is not an editing or a proofreading service. Rather, it is a peer tutoring service that can help you through the challenges of a writing assignment.

Who can visit the Writing Center?

The Writing Center serves all Marywood students. The peer tutors are best equipped to serve undergraduate students. Graduate students can consult, by appointment, with the Professional Writing Tutor (see How do I schedule an appointment with the professional writing tutor? below).

Do I need an appointment?

Peer tutors are available to consult on a walk-in basis. First come, first served. During busy times of the semester, you may need to sign in and wait to meet with a peer writing consultant. You are encouraged to keep this in mind and plan your time accordingly.

How often can I visit the Writing Center?

You are welcome to have up to three drop-in sessions per week with our peer writing consultants. However, during busy times of the semester, the availability of sessions may be limited.

Should I bring a copy of my paper?

A hard copy of your paper is preferable. If you have a laptop, you may bring your paper on that. Computer access is limited in the Writing Center.

What else should I do to prepare for my visit?

To make the most of your time with a writing consultant, you should consider the following tips:
•    Bring a copy of the assignment handout/guidelines.
•    Bring any notes you have taken regarding the assignment.
•    Identify the most important specific concerns that you wish to focus on (for example, a thesis statement, organization, grammar, citations).

How long will my session last?

Typically, sessions last about 30 minutes.

For those who need the services of the Professional Writing Tutor:

How do I schedule an appointment with the professional writing tutor?

The Writing Specialist is not available during the summer months. Please check back for fall hours.

First, complete the online Inquiry Form. Or, you can email  Please include specifics about the type of assignment you need assistance with, as well as the due date of the assignment. Then, wait for the Professional Tutor to confirm your appointment.