Office of Academic Success: Tutoring Guidelines

Understanding Your Tutor and Tutoring Session

Remember these important points:

  1. You are responsible for arriving on time and coming prepared to work. Be sure to bring your books, notes, syllabus, etc. Be ready to learn!

  2. If you cannot make an appointment, contact your tutor in advance. If your tutor cannot make it, he/she will contact you. If you cannot reach your tutor, call (570) 340-6045 ext 2, or email

  3. If you fail to show up for an appointment with your tutor two times without contacting him/her, you will be discontinued from tutoring in that course. You will then need to meet with the Assistant Director of Tutoring Services before you can schedule any more tutoring sessions.

  4. Your tutor will not do your work for you, but he/she will help you better understand the topics you're discussing in class. Your tutor is not your teacher, nor a master of the subject, so you must still attend class and come prepared for your tutoring session.

  5. Your tutor is not permitted to write your paper but will assist you with the content and give verbal suggestions. If you need writing assistance, please use the Writing Center.

  6. You must meet with your tutor every week, not only when you need the tutor (exams, quizzes, papers, projects, etc.). Weekly tutoring helps strengthen your knowledge of the course content. During your tutoring sessions, you can cover current, past, and future course material.

  7. All information related to tutoring will be sent to your Marywood student e-mail address. Check it often.

  8. If you have a documented disability, your tutor will not be aware of your disability unless you inform him/her. Any information you share with your tutor will remain confidential and will only be discussed with the Assistant Director, if necessary. If you need extra assistance during your tutoring session, inform the Assistant Director and your tutor so that accommodations can be provided.