Student Handbook - Standing Committees

Policy Committee of the University

Purpose & Function:

The Policy Committee is the final recommending body to the President of the University on

  • policies affecting more than one major area of the University;
  • policies limited to one college or area but having implications for the total University, another major area, or another college;
  • policies affecting the objectives of the University;
  • policies affecting the long-range development of the University;
  • establishing or abolishing a University Standing Committee;
  • merging or reconfiguring two or more committees when at least one of them is a University Standing Committee.

The office of Secretary of the University serves to provide administrative support as outlined in established guidelines for Policy Development, Approval, and Dissemination.

The Executive Committee

  • exercises all of the powers of the Policy Committee of the University when it is not possible to convene the entire committee, and it reports its interim actions at the next regular meeting of the full committee;
  • meets with the President of the University and the Secretary of the University about two weeks prior to a full committee meeting to prepare the agenda for the meeting.