The mission of Housing and Residence Life is to provide a comfortable, secure, and nurturing living/learning environment conducive to students’ academic and personal development goals, while intentionally fostering a sense of community, civic responsibility, and an appreciation for diversity.

Housing and Residence Life

Unmarried, full-time students under the age of 21 are required to reside in University Housing during their first two years of enrollment unless they reside in their primary family homes (located within a 50-mile radius of campus) with their parents/guardians. The University Housing and Dining Agreement is binding for the full academic year, consisting of both Fall and Spring semesters or remaining portion thereof and cannot be transferred or reassigned.

The Housing and Residence Life staff focuses on developing positive environments which value the individual and his or her role within the residential community. To achieve this, staff members sponsor a variety of educational programs and social activities which promote student development and create a sense of home within Marywood University. Each member of the community, whether a staff member or not, plays an important role within the building. As such, each community member is expected to follow University and departmental policies, as well as to address the behaviors of their peers appropriately. Further, each resident is encouraged to report unusual or disruptive behavior.

The room selection process for returning residents occurs in the Spring semester. Lifestyle options range from traditional corridor-style residence halls with double rooms to suites with private baths, apartments, and small homes.

Residence Halls and Facilities

Regina Hall accommodates 190 women and men in double, triple and quad rooms with common and suited bathrooms.

Madonna Hall houses 238 men and women in double rooms. Bathrooms are shared between suited rooms.

Loughran Hall accommodates 328 men and women in quint, quad, triple, double and single rooms. Bathrooms are shared between suited rooms.

Woodland Residences provide fully furnished, apartment-style living for 216 upperclass men and women.

Emmanuel Hall accommodates 22 same gender upperclass students.

McCarty Hall accommodates 17 same gender upperclass students.

Perpetual Help Hall accommodates 15 same gender upperclass students.

A bed, dresser, desk, chair, and closet are furnished for each resident. All rooms are connected to the campus network for students with personal computers. Cable TV is provided. Common study and television lounges are available for 24-hour use. Cleaning service is provided for public areas, and washers and dryers are located in each residence facility for residents’ use at no extra charge.

Visitation and Guests

University housing facilities are open only to residents, University officials, and guests who have a legitimate reason for being in the building. A guest is welcome in a University facility to visit a specific person at the invitation of that resident. Guests may also be invited by the building staff or University officials for specific events that take place in that facility. Every guest is subject to University rules and regulations and is the responsibility of the resident host. The University reserves the right to deny access to any guest. The Resident Handbook provides additional information about visitation hours and guest registration policies.

Housing and Residence Life Staff

Residence Directors

Each major residence, Madonna, Regina, and Loughran Halls, is staffed by a live-in residence director enrolled in a Marywood graduate program. Residence Directors also provide leadership to the small housing units, including the Woodland Residences. Selected on the basis of leadership and interpersonal relationship skills, the Residence Directors are well trained to develop rewarding communities.

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants serve as resource persons, peer helpers, and programmers to facilitate the personal development and academic success of residents. They are members of the Student Life staff and work with professional staff members to develop an enjoyable and educational living experience for all resident students. Resident Assistant selection occurs each spring for the following academic year. Applications may be obtained from the Housing and Residence Life Office.

Residence Hall Advisory Board

The purpose of the Resident Committee is to assist the Housing and Residence Life staff with addressing resident needs and interests and provide leadership and programming opportunities to resident students. Membership is open to all resident students. Student representatives from each building are elected by their peers and they provide feedback to the Housing and Residence Life staff.