All regularly enrolled students may use computing facilities and services. Services include user assistance, use of computers and printers located in labs, drop-in facilities, and computer clusters in all major buildings.

Computer use is restricted to course-related work and Marywood community members. In compliance with federal CALEA regulations, students and other Marywood community members may be asked to show their ID cards when using computers in a lab.

Computing facilities in the Learning Resources Center consist of a Windows lab, which is accessible during scheduled hours, and a drop-in facility located in the Library’s reference area. Other labs and computer clusters are in major classroom buildings and the Nazareth Student Center (four computers for accessing e-mail, etc.). While the campus is predominantly oriented toward Windows computers, there are Apple Macintoshes in select facilities. Other specialized hardware is found in the McGowan Center Research Lab, while software designed for education, music, art, and nursing disciplines is readily available in labs located near those departments. A 24-hour student computer lab is available in Loughran Hall. The facility includes individual and group workstations. The campus is also supported by a cost recovery printing system. Located in each of the labs, students use printing stations, with a swipe card, to select and print their documents. A fee is charged for the copies, much like charges accrued for using a copy machine.

Free workshops are offered throughout the year in the Learning Resources Center to provide instruction on how to use various software such as Microsoft Office and SPSS.

Twenty-four-hour remote access is provided, allowing students to access library resources, the Internet, and use of electronic mail on the campus network. Residence hall rooms are wired for Internet access, and wireless access is available at many points on campus (e.g. Library).

The Computing Use policy is included in the Student Handbook. It delineates University policies governing computer use and activities on campus.