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The Office of the Cashier manages student accounts.. Each semester’s expenses must be paid in full by the specified due date before the beginning of each semester, or at registration, by mail, in person at the Cashier’s Office, or on-line through the Official Payments system

Marywood University has partnered with a third-party vendor, Official Payments, to accommodate students who wish to make tuition payments online or set up a monthly payment plan. Official Payments is a secure online student account billing and payment system that allows the student or parents to view the student account bill online, print the bill, and make online payments to their student’s account. The Official Payments system allows for electronic payments from a personal checking or credit card. Credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  A service fee of 2.75% will be charged for each credit card payment and a $1.75 service fee will be charged for each electronic check payment, when using this service. (This fee is not associated with nor passed on to Marywood University.) Access is provided to the Official Payments system through the MarywoodYou Portal at (password required). Application for a payment plan must be made by the specific date set by the cashier’s office. 

Through the Employer Deferred Plan, payment of tuition may be deferred if the student has provided a completed “Application for Employer Deferment of Tuition Payment” form, signed by the student’s employer. Students are required to pay all fees and any portion of tuition not covered by their employer. Application for this plan must be made at the Cashier’s Office by the semester due date or at registration.

In cases of financial delinquency, Marywood University reserves the right to refuse registration, admission to courses, transcript of credits, report of grades, student records, certificates, diplomas, and/or any other official document. Degree candidates also will have their names removed from the graduation list.

If a student withdraws from the University for any reason, a percentage of the semester’s tuition and fee and board costs will be cancelled according to a predetermined schedule. Students who are approved to move out of University housing on or before the end of the second week of classes each semester will be assessed a $300.00 fee for room charges, and a pro-rated portion of board charges, up to the twelfth week of the semester. Refunds of financial aid/loan funds will be issued within 14 days after a credit balance results on a student’s account. Detailed information regarding current financial policies of the University can be found on the Cashier’s Office page on Marywood’s website.

In accordance with current Federal regulations, those students who receive Federal aid and withdraw from the University during the first 60 percent of a semester, will have their Federal aid adjusted based on the percent of the semester completed prior to withdrawal. There will be no adjustment to Federal financial aid after the completion of at least 60 percent of the semester. Students who do not follow the official withdrawal procedure and stop attending classes for all their courses will be considered to have withdrawn at the 50 percent point of the semester,unless the course instructor otherwise documents attendance. A complete explanation of refund policies and schedules are available from the Cashier’s Office and on the Cashier’s Office page on Marywood’s website.