Fund-Raising and Sales Policy

Vendors sponsored by University departments and organizations may be authorized to sell appropriate goods on campus. Individual students, faculty or staff also may be approved to solicit for charitable or religious reasons. All sales/solicitations must be authorized in advance based on criteria available in the Student Activities and Leadership Development Office. No other private and/or commercial solicitation and sales may be conducted on campus.

On campus fund-raising activities by members of recognized student clubs and organizations and/or individual students, faculty or staff may be conducted only after approval is received from the Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development. Fund-raising activities intended to be conducted off campus in the name of the University or of any University department or organization require two steps: the application must be submitted to and supported first by the Vice President for University Advancement; and, the endorsed application then must be reviewed and approved by the Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development before solicitation may begin.

A limited number of simultaneous campus fund-raising activities will be authorized at the Director’s discretion. Application forms for sales and fund-raising activities are available at ( or in the Student Activities Center and should be submitted (electronic or hard copy) for review at least two weeks in advance.