Student Handbook: Policies and Procedures

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University Policies

Alcohol and Controlled Substances Policy

Possession and/or consumption of alcohol is not permitted on campus, with the exception of University approved and sponsored events at which alcohol is provided and served by Chartwells dining staff. Students who are 21 years of age or older may consume alcohol at such events. Student organizations sponsoring off-campus events must contact the Student Activities and Leadership Development Office for a list of event guidelines. Violations of the relevant laws of the Commonwealth and/or related regulations of the University on campus will be subject to the University conduct process. Civil charges may be filed also. Furthermore, reference to alcoholic beverages is not permitted in advertising, announcements, fliers or any promotional materials for events on or off campus.

The use, possession or distribution of any type of illicit drugs, including synthetic drugs, is not condoned. The conduct and attitudes accompanying the use of illicit drugs are dangerous to the well being of individual student users, to the student body and to the goals and philosophy of the educational community. Students alleged to possess or use such substances will be subject to the conduct process independent of any external legal action.

Students involved in or concerned with drug and alcohol abuse are urged to seek assistance through the:

  • Counseling/Student Development Center 570-348-6242;
  • the Dean of Students 570-348-6246;
  • the Drug and Alcohol Helpline 888-829-1341;
  • Marworth Center 570-563-1112;
  • or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 1-800-640-7545. (also see Drug Free Workplace).