Student Life: Resources for Parents


A Journey for the Whole Family

When your son or daughter enters college, it marks the beginning of a new journey for the whole family. Parent involvement and encouragement is a critical factor in your student's success. We are committed to providing you the resources necessary to help your student during this exciting transition.

To understand what your student is going through, it is important to understand that college is a time for personal growth and development, and an adjustment period is to be expected. After all, your student is learning new roles, gaining independence, and creating new friendships along the way.

So, how can you help? The best thing you can do for your student is to listen to them and offer emotional support and encouragement. Encourage your student to get involved on campus, and be aware of the services and resources available at Marywood. Instead of jumping in to help them, ask them "how do you plan to fix it?" and watch the learning that takes place.