The Vice President for Student Life is the executive officer responsible for the development and administration of a comprehensive program of services and activities to enhance student learning and personal development. The following areas are directly responsible to the vice president:

Amy Paciej-Woodruff
Dr. Amy Paciej-Woodruff

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students is the primary administrative liaison to the student body and supervises an integrated program of services and activities to enhance student development and to support in and out-of-class learning experiences. The following staff members report to the Dean of Students:

  • Ross Novak
    Ross Novak

    Housing and Residence Life

    The Director of Housing and Residence Life and staff provide a variety of services and activities that provide a stimulating and rewarding living and learning environment for resident students. These services include cultural, educational, spiritual, recreational and social programs; together they form the basis of a residential community that contributes to the residents' academic and personal development.

  • Callie Frieler
    Callie Frieler

    Student Activities and Leadership Development

    The Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development coordinates activities to increase students' personal, social, and cultural development. Student Activities are focused on leadership skills and the ability to work both independently and collaboratively.

Dr. Mary Jo Gunning

Athletics and Recreation

The Director of Athletics and Recreation and staff administer all aspects of the intercollegiate athletics and recreation activities that are integral aspects of the educational program. Marywood's 19 sports teams compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III, Colonial States Athletic Conference (CSAC) and the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC). A variety of intramural and club sports, wellness classes, and fitness activities also are offered.

Sr. Cathy Luxner
Sr. Cathy Luxner

Campus Ministry

The Director of Campus Ministry and staff cultivate Marywood's faith community. Campus Ministry provides liturgical worship, prayer, spiritual direction and pastoral care activities. Opportunities to participate in community service and social justice projects and programs are available to assist students to assume leadership responsibilities.

Dr. Carole Gustitus
Dr. Carole Gustitus

Career Services

The Director of Career Services and staff offer varied services and programs to assist students with career decisions and transitions. Career counseling and assistance with resume preparation, employment interviews and job search skills and techniques are among the services available.

Dr. Robert Shaw
Dr. Robert Shaw

Counseling/Student Development Center

The Director of the Counseling/Student Development Center and staff assist students with many challenges, changes and choices. Services ranging from assistance with decision-making, time management and study skills to counseling and therapy regarding serious psychological issues are provided by the professional staff and supervised graduate student interns. Counseling to help with developmental issues related to academic and personal growth is offered, as are support groups and group sessions on topics important in the student community.

Linda McDade
Linda McDade

Student Health Services

The Director of Student Health Services and staff members are committed to a comprehensive wellness philosophy. Primary care (assessment and treatment) and referrals to community physicians and campus and community resources for health education and counseling are provided. Medical services, health information, and counseling also are available. The Director of Student Health Services also is the primary contact for students regarding the University's health insurance requirement.