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December 9, 2015   Swartz Center McGowan Community Room 2pm

March 17, 2016   Swartz Center McGowan Community Room 2pm

News & Events

Service Project
Our Spring 2015 service project was a great success and we would like to continue that tradition.
The specifics of the upcoming project(s) will be discussed and voted on at our December Meeting.

Election Results: Congratulations to Ernie Mengoni recently elected to the Executive Council and to Kathy Uhranowsky who was elected to the Professional Development Committee as the Academic Affairs Representative.

Upcoming Elections

Please consider getting involved in your Senate, it is our opportunity to participate and contribute to the governance of the university. It provides us with a venue to promote a supportive and positive work environment and to be part of the process!

“Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” John F. Kennedy

The following committees will have openings in 2016!
Professional Staff Development
Business Affairs Representative
Enrollment Services Representative
Member at Large

Employee Benefits
Budget Committee

Student Life

At Marywood, we provide an array of opportunities for you to learn and lead through experiences that enhance classroom learning.

Housed within the Enrollment Services and Student Success division, our programs are designed with your holistic growth and personal development in mind. If you are not sure where to go for assistance, we are here to help guide you. 

Mission Statement: In the context of the University's mission, Catholic identity and core values, the Student Life areas compliment the University's academic goals by engaging students through an integrated program of services and educationally purposeful learning experiences  designed to enhance holistic growth and personal development.