History of STARS

Marywood students working with stars students

Creating Opportunities

Marywood University, founded in 1915 by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, prepares students to have a positive impact on society at regional and global levels while providing each student with the foundation for success in an interdependent world. Marywood University’s mission “roots itself in the Catholic intellectual tradition, the principle of justice, and the belief that education empowers people.” Students Together Achieving Remarkable Success (STARS) has been developed in collaboration with Marywood’s Office of Diversity to create opportunities for Lackawanna County Latino youth to pursue higher education as an academic goal and prepare Marywood students “to function effectively as members of diverse local, national and global communities”.

Therefore, in the summer of 2018 Marywood University was awarded a grant from the Robert Spitz Foundation to fund the initiation and first year of the STARS program. In collaboration with the Scranton School district, St. John Neumann’s Parish, community organizations, and Robert Spitz Foundation, the program took place in the school of St. John Neumann Parish on Orchard St., Scranton. The space, donated by the church, was chosen based on the results of the survey in which parents indicated that a site in Scranton south side would offer easy accessibility and greatly increase the frequency of their children’s participation.

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