MSW Grant and Scholarship

The Schierling Grant: Excellence in Global Education and
International Field Experience for the MSW students

The purpose of the Schierling Grant is to enable MSW students to understand global
interconnectedness as a central aspect of their work and have an appreciation of the
international perspective, an understanding of global events and influences, and a
sense of how global and local events affect populations and culture through an
experience of international field education.
Benefits: The Schierling grant annually provides $ 15,000 to sponsor international
airfare and four weeks of room and board. The same MSW student’s and faculty
member’s airfare and conference registration fees will be supported, if their papers are
accepted for presentation at an international conference. In addition, participating
students will receive field practicum hours.

Through the Schierling grant, in May, 2018, four MSW students and an MSW faculty
member went to Kenya, for 4 weeks and in May, 2019, five MSW students and an MSW
faculty member went to Romania for four weeks.

The 2022 International Field Experience in Romania is already determined. The
application submission information will be posted in mid-November, 2021.

Mrs. Angela Marie Hyo Jae Ryoo-Kim Memorial Scholarship

A brief biography of Mrs. Angela Marie Hyo Jae Ryoo-KimIt is a distinct honor and privilege to share the legacy of Mrs. Angela Marie Hyo JaeRyoo-Kim who lived her life according to four principles: faith in God, love of family, thevalue of education, and service to others.Mrs. Ryoo-Kim married Mr. Joseph Man Hung Kim and they had six children, 3 boysand 3 girls. Both Mr. & Mrs. Kim were born in North Korea and they fled from the NorthKorean Communist regime to South Korea in the early 1950s. Their plan was to escapefor a few days and then return to their home for good. However, their few days becamea permanent separation from the rest of their family members. Because, in July 1953,the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) was created and the North Korean Communist regimeclosed the border between North and South Korea which is still in effect today.Mr. & Mrs. Kim’s unplanned resettlement in South Korea was not an easy transition.They lost their two oldest children (a daughter and son) and they were forced to accepttheir separation from the rest of their family in North Korea. Mrs. Ryoo-Kim used to say“in spite of the hard life circumstance, we (her husband and she) were determined tostart all over and believed that with the providential care of God, we will rewrite our storyfor the sake of our children.” Their faith, steadfast spirit and life principles certainlypaved a new pathway for their off-spring in South Korea and the United States.Mrs. Ryoo-Kim was an avid reader and a life-long learner. She attended herchurch sponsored senior programs, took English and health care classes, andparticipated in arts & crafts and senior yoga classes. Her other joy was traveling withher family and friends. She believed in the importance of education and encouragedand empowered all her children and grandchildren to attain higher education. Sheemphasized what education can do for an individual and how education can be a tool tomake a difference for the common good. She ensured her children were well educatedand became contributing members of society. Another guiding principle of Mrs. Ryoo-Kim was her faith in God. She read the entire bible three times, participated in bible study, actively attended Mass and faithfully prayed for the people who were on her prayer list. God was the core of her being and her family was the center of her life.

The Mrs. Angela Marie Hyo Jae Ryoo-Kim memorial scholarship is founded on her lifeprinciples: faith in God and love and care of one’s family with one’s whole heart,educating yourself and serving others with your knowledge and talents.Mr. and Mrs. Kim’s family is very grateful for Mr. and Mrs. Antonia and Hans Schierling’sthoughtful, meaningful and generous gift to memorialize Mrs. Ryoo-Kim’s legacythrough MSW students’ education.Mrs. Angela Marie Hyo Jae Ryoo-Kim’s brief biography was written by her daughter,Sister Angela Kim, IHM

Mrs. Angela Marie Hyo Jae Ryoo-Kim Memorial Scholarship Criteria:

*Eligibility: Marywood University Scranton MSW Students

*Priority: Daughter or son of an immigrant family

            First generation college graduate

*Personal essay (3 to 5 pages/double spaced):

           Share your personal philosophy of education

           What do you plan to do with the MSW degree?

           What kind of community service project(s) would you like to engage in while a student and in the future?

Please submit your personal essay to Sister Angela Kim at by September 24th