Social Work: Faculty & Staff

Dr. Lloyd L. Lyter

Director of the Pocono MSW Program; Full Professor
Phone: 570-422-3827
Office: Pocono Program, East Stroudsburg University

Dr. Lloyd L. Lyter, MSW, LSW is a Professor of Social Work and Director, Marywood University's Pocono MSW Program at East Stroudsburg University. He also teaches in the East Stroudsburg University BSSW Program. He has many years of practice and administrative experience in behavioral health. He serves on the review boards of several social work journals; publishes; and presents regularly at state, regional, national, and international conferences as invited speaker and in juried presentations in his specialty areas, chemical dependence and psychopathology, with emphasis on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. He earned his MSW degree at Marywood University and his Ph.D. in Social Work at Rutgers University. He has served as Director, School of Social Work and Dean, College of Health and Human Services at Marywood University. 

Book Chapter

Lyter, S.C., & Lyter, L.L. (2000 & 2010). Intervention with groups. In A.A. Abbott (Ed.), Alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs:        Challenging myths, assessing theories, individualizing interventions (1st & 2nd Eds.). Washington, DC: NASW Press.


Recent Publications

Lyter, L.L. (Foreword and English Language Peer Review). Arlt, I. (2016). Paths toward a Science of Welfare and Care. (M. Maiss,  Trans.) Lit Verlag GmbH & Co. KG Wien, Zweigniederlassung Zurich. (Origninal work published 1953)

Lyter, S.C. & Lyter, L.L. (2016).  Social Work Educator Views of DSM: Now What? Social Work in Mental Health. 14 (3), 195-214.

Lyter, L.L. & Lyter, S.C. (Eds. Special Issue) (2016). Family of Origin: Implications for Practice. Reflections: Narratives of  Professional Helping. 21 (4).

Lyter, L.L. (2012). Passing on the Passion: Introducing MSW Students to International Experiences. Reflections: Narratives of  Professional Helping. 18 (1), 38-40. 

Lyter, S.C. & Lyter L.L. (2012). Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: Making It Work for Social Work. International  Journal of Social Sciences. 6 (6), 53-64.


Recent Juried Presentations

Lyter, L.L. (2016, September). Race Pathologized:  Understanding Historic and Contemporary , Implications in Diagnosis of Mental  Disorders. 22nd Annual National Association of Case Management Conference. Los Angeles, CA.

Lyter, S.C. & Lyter, L.L. (2016, September). DSM-5.0 and Beyond:  The Transdisciplinary Fit of the Diagnostic Manual. 22nd Annual  National Association of Case Management Conference. Los Angeles, CA.

Lyter, L.L. (2016, March). The Pathologizing of Race. 33rd Annual Conference of BPD, Dallas, TX.

Lyter, L.L. & Lyter, S.C. (2015, October). Teaching DSM-5: Part Deux. Faculty Development Institute 61st Annual Program Meeting,  Council on Social Work Education, Denver, CO.

Lyter, L.L. (2015, August). Race Pathologized: A Social Justice Issue. National Organization of Forensic Social Work Conference,  Arlington, VA.

Lyter, L.L. (2015, April). The Pathologizing of Race. 4th Biennial Interdisciplinary Conference on Race, Monmouth University.

Kraybill-Greggo, J. & Lyter, L.L. (2015, March). Public-Private Partnership for BSSW to MSW Education and Professional  Development for Practitioners. 32nd Annual Conference of BPD, Kansas City.

Lyter, L.L. (2015, March). DSM 5 & BSW Education: Why? What? & How Much? 32nd Annual Conference of BPD, Kansas City.

Lyter, L.L. & Lyter, S.C. (2014, October). Teaching DSM 5. Faculty Development Institute 60th Annual Program Meeting, Council on  Social Work Education, Tampa, FL.

Lyter, L.L. (2014, July). Importance of Distinguishing Substance Use Disorder in DSM 5 from Substance Abuse and Dependence in  DSM IV. NOFSW Conference, NY, NY.

Lyter, L.L. (2014, March). DSM 5 Changes: What Social Work Educators (and Students) Need to Know. 31st Annual Conference of  BPD, Louisville, KY.