Sociology: Faculty

faculty and staff Our faculty members are experienced teachers and respected scholars in their fields. The Social Sciences Department prides itself on maintaining open and engaging faculty-student relationships. They're dedicated to helping you put together a program to meet your needs.

Core Faculty

Jeremy Rich

Jeremy Rich , Ph.D., Chair
Associate Professor of History
-African and world history, colonialism and Central African history (Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo)
Jeffrey Clutter, Ph.D.

Jeffrey Clutter, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
-Crime prevention, Geography of Crime, Crime and Place, Police Effectiveness, and Criminology.
Hannarae Lee

Hannarae Lee , Ph.D., Director of Criminal Justice
Director of Criminal Justice
-Criminology, White-collar/Corporate Crime, Cyber-Security
Patrick Seffrin

Patrick Seffrin , Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Sociology/Criminal Justice
-Criminology, criminal justice, sociology